Brainiac 17 Secret Of Academic For A Student To Used

If you desire success in your academics and life as a whole this is your chance to make your dreams came true. You are holding in your hands a treasure chest of secret that have changed average student and outright failures into high flying students and highly successful people.
Packed full with exciting life-changing stories, nuggets and principles, 17 secret of high flying students give you the wings to fly nothing can stop you now! NOTHING!!!
1:Law of Decision-Make up your mind to be nothing less than a high-flying student.
Life Never gives you what you deserve but what you decide
2:Law of Foresight-What you see is what you get. Fill out your desired report card at the beginning and work towards it.
Success is Never Accidental.
3:law of Motivation-All that you need to become an "A" student already lies within you. Work it out.
The best kind of motivation is self motivation.
4:Law of Reward-Set the reward you will give to yourself if you achieve your desired result.
Success is an inevitable reward for hard work.
5:Law of prioritization-The word student come from the word studies.
Before you can be called a student,You have to be study.
Your studies come before anything else.
Do first things first.
6:Law of Reputation-Build Seriousness in class,keep your reading the time and be known for it.
What you are reputed for is what you are regarded for.
8:Law of Consistency-Make the best of your continuous assessment ; It tests for diligence.
Practice makes perfect.
9:Law of Admiration-If you admire good grades , get attracted to students who have them and good grades will get attracted to you.
What you admire is what you attract.
10:Law of Affection-Like your teachers nd your subjects and you will get good grades.
Love never fails.
11:law of Sacrifice-Pay the price of attentiveness, dedication and hard work , for the prize of success.
There is Always a price for the prize.
12:Law of Focus-Set your focus on the requirements of academic success not just the result of academic success.
Focus creates blindness.
13:Law of Retention-Repetition Enhance Retention .
What you repeat often you will retain.
14:Law of Hindsight-With the benefit of hindsight, everyone is a genius .
Practice with the last three past questions of every subject before your examinations.
Lesson learnt from yesterday equip you for today.
15:Law of Self discovery- Know yourself and the reading style that produce your best results. Master yourself and you will master your results.
Every notable recovery begins with a self-discovery.
16:Law of Appreciation-Let your fantastic Results show that you appreciate your parents and teachers for the great opportunity to be in school.
An attitude of gratitude will get you to the highest attitude.
17:Law of  The Supernatural-Prayerful Preparation prevents poor performance.
With Allah , all things are possible.

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