9 Things Rescheduled JAMB Exam Candidates Should Know Before The Exam

It is no longer news that the 2017 JAMB supplementary examination comes up tomorrow July 1st 2017. The exam is for candidates that had technical issues during the last exam, candidates that did not register on time and those that had their results cancelled but were not involved in exam malpractice or irregularities.
If you are among the candidates preparing for the supplementary examination or the rescheduled examination holding tomorrow, there are few things we would like you to know concerning the examination.

1. For those of you writing the exam for the second time, You have been giving another opportunity to correct the mistakes of the last exam. Do not mess this one up.

2. Do not do any thing or carry any material that will incriminate you. I do not need to remind you that JAMB is now very mean when it comes to issues on exam malpractice.

3.The best form of preparation at this time is to go through JAMB past questions. This will help refresh your memory.

4.You are only allowed to come along with at least a copy of your exam slip (preferably coloured) and a Biro.

5. Make sure you are at the exam venue at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time.

6. Ensure you do your Biometric verification before and after the examination. Do not leave anything to chance.

7. If there is any issue that needs the attention of the invigilator, do not hesitate to call his or her attention immediately.

8.Ensure you keep in mind the features of the 2017 JAMB exam and how to resolve some simple issues before going to the exam hall. You can read that up by clicking here.

9.Do not see this as a disadvantage rather see it as an opportunity to do better. If you approach this exam with the right mindset, I bet you will end up appreciating the fact that you were giving this opportunity.

If you have any other issue or challenge you need advise or clarifications on concerning the tomorrow's exams you can share here so other Myschoolers with meaningful contributions will help your out.


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